Ever wonder where you came from? I mean where your grandparents, great grandparents, and their parents came from? Did they always live in the same place? What were they like? What can I tell my children about their ancestors? I started asking myself those questions when I was an adult. I knew very little about my family history, and wanted to know more. That thirst for knowledge led to a passion for genealogy. I love the research, finding out about the history of the area and the time, and now telling the stories.
I am a DeBoise by marriage, not by blood. I shared my passion for genealogy with my husband, and we began looking for his ancestors. I wrote down conversations that we had with family and neighbors, searched census records, city directories, newspapers, vital records in town halls throughout Massachusetts and Connecticut, and now online resources. Almost 40 years from the beginning of this journey, I am now sharing this information with family and friends. Keep the family history alive! Share with your children and grandchildren. This history is not complete, but it is a good beginning. Add to what I have found. Share pictures. Be proud of your history! I hope you enjoy.