Philip Andrews Jr and Philip Andrews Sr


As we continue to climb the Andrews branch of the tree, we have almost reached the top of what I have been able to find. The father of CalvinDexterAndrews was PhilipAndrews, Jr.  Philip was a lifelong resident of Ludlow, Massachusetts. He was born about 1808, the son of Philip and Sarah (unknown) Andrews. Philip must have been married twice, since his second wife would have been too young to be the mother of Dexter. He married (2) Mary Ann Powers on January 1,1838 in Ludlow. Mary Ann was eight years old when Calvin Dexter was born, supporting Philip’s relationship with another woman before his marriage to Mary Ann.

Calvin was probably the only child born from Philip’s first marriage. Philip and Mary Ann had one child: Mary Ann Andrews (Jr) was born about 1830, and married George W Mason April 12, 1855.  Philip is listed in the 1840 census with four in the family, one adult male (Philip), one adolescent male (Calvin Dexter), one adult female (Mary Ann Sr.), and a girl under 10 years (Mary Ann Jr.).

Not a lot is known about Philip. He probably worked as a laborer on the farms in Ludlow. Philip died violently at a young age. He was 34 years old when he was accidentally shot to death on October 17, 1842.[1]   I have not found out the details of this death. If someone can find the old newspapers that covered Ludlow during this time period, that might give us more information on what happened. His death occurred only six months after his father’s tragic death.

Mary Ann Powers was born about 1817 in Ludlow. She was the daughter of CharlesJames and Polly (unknown) Powers, and a first cousin of Lovina Jones, the wife of Calvin Dexter Andrews. Calvin married his step mother’s cousin! We see a lot of entangled family relationships on this side of the family. This probably occurred because there were so few people of color living in the small towns of Massachusetts and Connecticut.

Following Philip’s death, Mary Ann moved in with her mother, Polly Powers, where she is living in the 1850 federal census and the 1855 Massachusetts state census. Mary Ann died January 30, 1862 in Ludlow from consumption (tuberculosis). She is usually identified as mulatto in census records.

Black soldier Revolutionary War
Black Patriots Revolutionary War


The earliest identified Andrews ancestor was Philip Andrews. He was born about 1764 on one of the British-held islands in the Caribbean.  He was a servant to a Captain of the British Army during the Revolutionary War. He deserted and joined the American Army. He settled in Ludlow following the War, where he lived for the remainder of his life. [2]

Ludlow was a small farming community located east of Springfield, Massachusetts. In 1810 there were 730 residents, of which 17 were people of color (and 6 were living in the Andrews household). The surnames of the black families were Andrews, Story, and Bagary (Begory).

Philip is listed in the federal censuses for 1810 (6 in household), 1820 (2 males under 14 years; 2 males 14-25 years; 1 male over 45 years; 1 female under 14 years; 1 female 14-25 years; 1 female 26-44 years; 1 female over 45 years), 1830 (1 male over 55 years; 1 female under 10 years; 1 female 10-24 years; and 1 female 36-55 years) and 1840 (2 males over 55 years; 1 female over 55 years; 1 female 34-55 years) for Ludlow. No documentation was found of Philip before 1810 in Ludlow. However, it appears that children were born in Ludlow as early as 1802.

Philip was about 78 years old when he died April 30, 1842 from accidental drowning. He was listed on the state paupers list in 1842 because the state paid $5.00 for his funeral.

There is little known of Sarah. She was born about 1758 in New York. She received financial help from the state beginning in 1843 following Philip’s death, and received support until her death. She lived in Ludlow through 1854, then became a resident of the state almshouse in Bridgewater, Massachusetts. She might have been in the state almshouse located in Monson under the name of Sarah Anderson in 1855, before being transferred to Bridgewater. She died April 14, 1856 at 97 years of age. Her cause of death was old age.

Almshouse at Bridgewater MA
State Almshouse at Bridgewater, Massachusetts cira 1850

I have only identified two of the children of Philip and Sarah Andrews, but census information indicate there were probably others.

  1. Elizabeth “Betsey” Andrews was born about 1802 in Ludlow and was 59 years old when she died October 15, 1861 from a “fit”. She was working as a housekeeper at the time of her death.
  2. Philip Andrews, Jr. was born about 1808 and was discussed previously.

[1] Ludlow, Mass. death records, Ludlow Town Hall and

[2] William C. Nell. (1855) Colored Patriots of the American Revolution. Boston: Robert F. Wallcut, p. 35. Available at Google Books,

I have documentation for the information I have been sharing on all the blog posts. If you have questions about where I found any information, please let me know. I also have more information on many of the extended family members.

For the next post, we will return to the family of Phebe Powers Newport, the mother of Lovina Jones who was the wife of Calvin Dexter Andrews.

Until next time,


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