The Children of Samuel and Emily Wallace, continued

Wallace_Hillside Cemetery_Monson
Hillside Cemetery, Monson, Massachusetts

In the last post, I shared information on Samuel and Emily (Green)Wallace, and four of their fifteen children: Samuel Jr., Baby Boy, Sarah, and James. I will continue with their children. All of the children were born in Monson.

5. ALANSON was born about 1842. He was living with his parents when he followed his brother James and enlisted as a Private in Company A, Massachusetts 54th Regiment during the Civil War. He was mustered in at Camp Meigs, Massachusetts on March 30, 1863 at the same time as his brother James. Alanson was wounded at the assault on Fort Wagner on July 18, 1863. A ball passed through the flesh under his right arm and across his stomach. In spite of the injury, he was present for all muster rolls until his discharge on August 20, 1865.
Following his discharge he returned to Monson.

On November 30, 1871 he married Alice Cutter in Monson. I do not know if they had any children, but the marriage did not last long. By 1879 Alanson had moved to New Bedford and was living with his sister Sarah and her husband George Law. Alice died August 27, 1892 in Springfield.

Alanson married (2) Laura Stevens on July 21, 1896 in New Bedford. They had two daughters, Emily born in 1893, and Mary born in 1896. Alanson died October 16, 1896 in New Bedford of heart disease, almost three months after his marriage to Laura. He was 54 years old. Laura died August 11, 1897 of typhoid fever. She was 36 years old and left two orphan daughters.

Alanson applied for an invalid pension three times between 1891 and 1894 – all times denied. He claimed disability due to a wound received during the War. He also received a cut on the underside of the left ankle which he incurred while mowing with a scythe following the War. He claimed to have chronic diarrhea which was contracted at Morris Island, South Carolina in the summer of 1863. A later application also indicated he had heart disease and rheumatism. Medical examinations found him to be emaciated and poorly nourished. He also walked with a limp. Significant disability was not found and he was not awarded a pension.

Alanson’s occupation was a mason’s helper and a laborer.

6. BETSEY E. was born in June 1844. In 1870, Betsey was keeping house for Wayne Coles and his young son in Monson. In 1880 she was a servant in the home of the Sanford family in Palmer. On February 14, 1885 she married Enos Thompson in Amherst, Massachusetts. Enos died in 1889, leaving Betsey a widow at 45. By 1889 she was living in Springfield where she lived for the rest of her life. She worked both as a domestic servant and as a laundress. The 1900 census indicated that she had one child who was still living, but no other records were found of any children. Betsey was 78 years old when she died in 1922.

7. ROSANNA was born in May 1846. As early as fourteen years of age she was working as a domestic servant, while still attending school. In October 1863 she had a baby, who died four months later. The name of the father was not identified on the birth record. As early as 1866 she had established a relationship with Sidney Kelson and began having children with him. Sidney was a Civil War Veteran. He was born in 1828 and was 18 years older than Rosanna. According to Rosanna’s widow application for a pension based on his military service, they had nine children together. However, by 1900 only three of those children were living. Rosanna and Sidney married April 15, 1889. They married because Palmer authorities gave them the ultimatum to marry or move out of town. Sidney had been married to another woman. The other woman did remarry and died shortly before his marriage to Rosanna. Rosanna moved to Springfield shortly before Sidney’s death in 1901, and Sidney moved to the “almshouse” for care.

Sidney Kelson Co.1_29thConnInf
Oak Knoll Cemetery, Palmer, Mass.

Comments on her application for a widow’s pension by those who reviewed her case stated that Sidney had stomach cancer and other ailments, and when he could no longer work Rosanna “practically” deserted him and moved to Springfield. He did not want to go with her, but did go to her house one day before his death. Her application for a widow’s pension was denied, largely because the investigators did not feel she was of good “moral” character. She was seeing other men before and after her husband’s death. While in Springfield, she worked as a laundress. Rosanna was 61 years old when she died on December 19, 1907 in Springfield from apoplexy (stroke).

8. EMILY M. was born in about 1849. On June 6, 1868, when she was 19 years old, she married William Mason. William was born in Maryland and was also 19 at the time of his marriage. Emily kept house for her family, while her husband farmed his own farm, and his sons, as they got older, worked on farms in the town. The Masons lived in Palmer. Emily died sometime between 1889 and 1891. Her husband remarried and moved to Worcester in 1891. The Mason’s had at least nine children, seven who were living at the time of Emily’s death. They were: William Jr., Samuel, Harry, Robert, Charles who died at three months from diphtheria, Harriet Elizabeth, Katherine Louisa who was adopted by her aunt and uncle, Sarah Wallace and George Pascal, Betsey, and Moses Aaron who was 20 months old when he died in 1889 from consumption.

9. INFANT BOY was born on July 20, 1849 and died before the 1850 Federal Census was taken.

10. NANCY M was born on August 31, 1851. In 1870, when she was 19 years old, she was working as a domestic servant. She had a son, Albert Wallis Smith, son of John Smith, who was born that year. Nancy and John were not married. Albert was 7 years old when he died in 1877 from diphtheria.

On November 24, 1880, Nancy married Edwin Russell King. Nancy was 29 and Edwin was 37. Edwin was from Monson and was a farmer and stonemason. He was also white. Edwin and Nancy had two children, Albert and Frank Edward; however both died very young and before 1900. Sadly, none of her children lived to adulthood. Nancy was 51 when she died on September 5, 1902 in Palmer from acute endocarditis (inflammation of the heart values). By 1910 Edwin was living in the Alms House in Palmer, and he died the following year.

11. FRANKLIN was born in November 1852. When he was 18 he was working in a grist mill. He died on May 13, 1873 from consumption (tuberculosis). He was 19 years old. He did not marry.

12. N was a baby girl born on October 23, 1853 and she died before 1855. Nothing else is known about her, and her name, found in birth records, was only referred to by an initial.

13. BABY BOY was born early in 1854 or 1855 and died on July 13, 1855 from cholera. A birth record was not found.

14. MARY MARILLA was born on August 24, 1855. In 1877, when she was 22, she had a daughter, Elizabeth. Her father is unknown. Elizabeth died the following year from diphtheria. In 1880 she was a live-in servant in the Samuel Cushman house. By 1892 she was living in Palmer. In 1900 she rented her home, and had three male boarders. One of those boarders was Adin Ryder, who was married at the time. She would later marry him.

Mary worked as a housekeeper. In 1903, her daughter Beatrice Madeline Wallace was born. Adin was her father. Beatrice married Ralph Johnson. Her son, Kenny Johnson, married Barbara Rose DeBoise, daughter of James and Ruth.

By 1910, Adin was no longer living in her home. The Federal Census said Mary had three children, but only one was living. By 1920, Adin is again living with her. By 1930, Adin and Mary have married. She stated in the Census that she was 57 at her first marriage. Mary died April 25, 1936, and is buried in Hillside Cemetery in Monson.

15. JULIA ANN was born on June 14, 1859. She lived her early years in Monson, but had moved to Palmer by 1886. She moved to Palmer about the same time her brother James moved. They both lived on Dublin Street during the same time period. Julia worked as a housekeeper and laundress. She never married. However, she had four children. The fathers of the children are not known. The children were: Otis, Horatio, Agnes and Mary. Julia was 53 years old when she died on July 12, 1912 from chronic nephritis (inflammation of the kidneys). She is buried in Hillside Cemetery in Monson.

With such a large family, Samuel and Emily have many, many descendants.

The next post will be on Samuel’s parents, James and Nancy Wallace, and his brothers and sisters that I have identified. James and Nancy were the first of the Wallace family to live in Monson.

Sunday is Mother’s Day. Happy Mother’s Day to all who are mothers, step mothers, and foster mothers.

Enjoy the beautiful weather that we are having. Memorial Day is in a few weeks. Don’t forget to visit the grave sites of your loved ones, and those who may have been forgotten. Let’s remember what they gave us that helps to make us who we are.

Until next time, as we continue to climb this branch of the tree…….

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